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A Few Words About "Essential Citizens"

Are you an ‘Essential Citizen’? We believe you are.


The Declaration of Independence says it best: "All men are created equal."


YOU are as significant as any one else. YOU play a part in sustaining our economy and way of life. YOU deserve the opportunity to provide a living for yourself and your family without unnecessary government interference. 


In early 2020 federal, state and local governments took unprecedented steps to protect YOU from what was perceived to be an extraordinary threat, Covid-19. Preliminary catastrophic estimates have dwindled dramatically; meanwhile, governmental infringements have destroyed millions of jobs and businesses, and have dangerously infringed YOUR rights. Many officials seem reluctant to restore liberty -- and with it, prosperity -- as actual data replaces hysterical models.


That concern motivated creation of this site, intended to be an information hub for YOU, the essential citizen. 



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