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It's Not Medical Capacity

Should Eastland County, Texas - with ONE active Covid case, as of May 12 - continue under Gov. Greg Abbott's most restrictive orders?

On May 7 in Commissioners Court County Judge Rex Fields said he is not comfortable certifying that Eastland County can safely move from 25% to 50% occupancy, though adjacent counties have. Why?

The reason cited: Eastland Memorial has only four ventilators.

Statistics, please. We see that 1 of 1000 urban residents tests positive at any one time. Even adopting that rate for our rural county, that's 18 people. 90% would likely recover at home in a few days. If the other 2 were hospitalized, chances are less than 50-50 that even 1 would need intensive care, much less a ventilator. And ventilator usage is increasingly avoided as doctors learn more about this virus.

Conclusion: Medical capacity is not a valid reason to continue this lockdown.

Judge Fields, let ALL the essential citizens of Eastland County go back to work! If you're also concerned about this artificial shutdown, we suggest a polite call or note to Judge Fields (, Gov. Greg Abbott and your representatives (

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