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Freeing Free Speech from "Free Speech Zones"

Have you noticed? Free speech -- the ability to say what you believe when and where you want -- is under attack. The intimidation of cancel culture threatens to silence even long-accepted, well-loved ideas here in the Land of the Free, rendering some people and ideas irrelevant. Offensive. Nonessential, one might say.

A fresh new movement aims to reverse this dangerous trend, through. It's called The Philadelphia Statement.

"Asserting that cancel culture has put freedom of expression in crisis," writes The Daily Signal, "a statement initially signed by 46 prominent individuals from universities, think tanks, and other organizations asserts that expressing 'ideas we find offensive is not an act of violence.'"

It's called The Philadelphia Statement because it ". . .calls upon all Americans to preserve the freedom to disagree openly, while maintaining the possibility of a shared future alongside those with whom we differ. This is what the Framers achieved in Philadelphia at the founding, and it is what we must now work to restore amid these challenging times in or country," says the website's About section. The document is available at, and reminds Americans to reclaim this fundamental, in fact, inalienable right: The right to speak without restriction.


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