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The Great Divide

Because of the issues that are confronting our nation today, I must address the matter. For way too many years we have allowed men and devils to separate us and try to destroy our unity.

Racism has been a key instrument because we have a tendency to be clannish. Why do we so often forget that we are all made/ created by the same God who loves us all the same/equally? With God, there is absolutely “No” difference!

Racism, though, is not the only divide that confronts and challenges us. For way too many years we have watched growing tensions between women and men. Maybe it’s because we just don’t understand each other (lol). Included in the great divide are youth who don’t respect their elders and elderly who won’t respect those who are younger.

What about the difference between the Rich and the Poor? If we believe God’s word is true we will understand both riches and poverty are only temporal. Both, the rich and the poor, can contribute many things to each other, many things that strengthen, unites, and brings blessings to each other and those all around.

The last separation that seems to have pushed everyone to their limits is the idea that some people are essential while others are not. With the many divided factions in our world, this last concept that many people are non-essential has fragmented our nation to the core.

There is an answer to all of this. So, what is it? Who is the “Intelligent” one with the answer to our dilemma, the one of such extreme intelligence? Is the answer documented in the institutes of higher learning? Is this a secret that only a few will ever know? No! I received the answer from a close friend of mine. Bill Ledbetter, Pastor, Board member of Christian Values Coalition, national public speaker,: “You end racism with eight simple words spoken by Jesus Christ, the King: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself ." When we all decide to this, there will be no more issues confronting and dividing our nation. Let’s pray for each other and sincerely love our neighbor as our own selves. Then God can heal our land and bless our nation once again.

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